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  Zhongshan Wild Fruit Outdoor Products Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer in producing kinds of waterproof bags. Our personal mission to make a positive, and significant difference in the outdoor market by providing strong, durable waterproof bags and accessories at a reasonable  price, that you can depend on. We are constantly keeping up withchange, and adapting our products accordingly.
    Wild Fruit was built up company in 2013,Our products includes motor bags, bicycle bags, water sport  bags, fishing bags, camping bag, mountaineering bags, waterproof pouches, and so on.We service our customers from the design to final shipment all in one line. With our serious and sincere attitude, we received good reputation from ourend customers in short time
   Why we are WILDRUIT
    Wildfruit are the fruits which live under the cruel nature condition, without human’s special care, they still grow up hardly and bear fruits. They stand for the qualities of independence, brave and strength.
    Quality is the entrepreneur’s life, innovation is entrepreneur’s future!
    Best companion to freedom
    Our waterproof bag definition refers to the use of high frequency welding process will bag each cutting piece seamless welding, make the bags can reach the effect of water does not leak, waterproof bag according to the structure and function is different, the waterproof degree according to the international waterproof hierarchies, general will commonly used waterproof standard is translated into ordinary people can understand: waterproof level 6 is equal to can in the rain under the environment of use for a long time not leak, higher level refers to dive within a certain time
    Waterproof package material mainly TPU/PVC composite cloth, a small amount of EVA and PE, the principle of high frequency welding process is refers to under the high voltage high frequency electric field, placed in the machine of TPU/PVC material polar molecules in the direction changing with high frequency electric field direction and fever, will reach more than two or three materials can weld together completely
    There are a lot of bag, also known as waterproof bag, define different industries, which use waterproof material sewing stitching into bags, also known as the waterproof bag, or sewing stitch again after the strip is also known as waterproof bag and so on
    Division in the product's durability and waterproof level can also distinguish between some waterproof bag
    We define the waterproof bag is extremely strict quality requirements, because the process of particularity, there is something wrong with the quality of the waterproof package defects, experienced brands or vendors should have experience greatly, the quality of the waterproof package in durability, functionality and general waterproof bag difference is very big
    Zhongshan city wild fruit outdoor products co., LTD., for the world market provides the following services:
    1. Brands products tailored services, strictly in accordance with the contract law protect the privacy of brand design volume, delivery on time to the brands
    2. The small and medium-sized sellers products tailored services, smaller minimum quantity, development fee mould cost advantage, cooperate with small and medium-sized sellers
    3. Common design production services, we adopt CAD/CAM waterproof package design, there is a market for guiding design advantages, have welcomed the strength of business cooperation
    Zhongshan wild fruit outdoors at present as a design, production strength of the company, in addition to the above services, the company's web site on the products are original design and production of products of the company, welcome the masses of consumers use or agent cooperation

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